Product lists


Count of products per row

Use this field to choose how many products you want to show per row.

Newsletter currency

What is your main currency? What is the currency for your newsletter recipients? Choose the right one for your store.

Product image size

Don’t forget that your newsletter must be optimized for mobile. Make sure you are using the right image dimensions.

Get new products for last

Choose the newest products to feature in the newsletter. You can limit the number of products and choose the products have introduced in the last X-number of days. Configure whether you want to show products from all or specific manufacturers.

Get bestsellers for last

Like the above field, you can choose the bestsellers to feature from the last X-number of days and limit the number of products.

Get specials for next

When you have defined your specials for a specific period of time, you can include notify subscribers with your newsletter by configuring the next X-number of days and limit the number of products.

Insert selected products

Add products manually by typing their product names.