Enabling and Configuration

AutoDetect is an OpenCart extension that allows your store to automatically detect the location, language and currency of each new user that visits your website.

This documentation will guide you through the settings you need to configure to get the module working in your E-Commerce store.

After installing the extension, enter the Module settings. The first tab you will see is called Control Panel.


The Control Panel lets you configure the main settings of AutoDetect.

Module status

Enable or disable AutoDetect.

Search engines

Set whether the module will detect search engines when they visit your website or not.

Detect method

You have two options here - Asynchronous and Synchronous.

Asynchronous means that the detection will be performed instantly when the server responds. The good thing about this detection method is that it does not affect page speed.

Synchronous means that the detection will be performed on server level, before the content is served. This method however might have a slight impact on page speed.