Module Settings Overview

The remaining settings are located in three tabs - Language, Currency, and Custom Redirect. You will learn what type of configuration each tab allows and how to put that to use in your OpenCart store.

Setting the Languages for All Customers

The Language tab lets you configure which language will load when customers from different countries enter your OpenCart store.

To configure additional languages you want AutoDetect to use, you first need to add them from System > Localisation > Languages.


Click the Add Country button to select the countries you want to use English (or any other language you have configured).


Select the countries and click the green Save Changes button.

Setting the Currencies for All Users

The Currency tab lets you set how your currencies will load when visitors from different countries enter your OpenCart store.

The currencies work the same way as the languages, you need to set the additional ones from System > Localisation > Currencies.

You can use this tab to assign which currency will be loaded when the extension detects the country from which the user is visiting your website.


Click the Add Country button and select the countries you want to assign to each currency your store is using.


When you are done, click the green Save Changes button.

Setting Up the Custom Redirect

The Custom Redirect tab lets you configure the URLs that your store visitors will be redirected when entering from different countries.

To be able to assign URLs, you need to set them up as subdomains of your original store.


In the field called Redirect to, paste the URL you want visitors to open when they are coming from the countries, which are configured below. You can add or remove countries by clicking the Add Country button.

You can let users get redirected manually by showing them a message and a redirect button that they can click. This is configured by selecting the box called Use manual redirect with a stripe.

The fields Stripe text and Button text let you configure the message that users will see.

NoteThis option will only work if you use the Asynchronous detection mode.

You can add multiple redirect rules using the button called Create new redirect rule.