In this tab you can see statistics about the coupons and the abandoned carts.


You are presented with 2 pie charts showing you the total number of coupons and abandoned carts. On the right side of the page there is a table with more detailed information about the coupons as well as the abandoned carts. You can also track the last visited pages and how many times they were accessed.

Coupons tab In the coupons tab you can see all the coupons that have been distributed to the customers. You also have 2 views to choose from: Given Coupons and Used coupons.

As the names suggest in Given Coupons view you can see all the coupons that have been sent to customers and in Used Coupons view you can see the coupons that have been already used by customers.

One Coupon entry looks like this:


It has the following attributes:

Coupon Name: This is the name of the coupon. It usually starts with AbCart and contains the email of the customer in brackets.

Code: In this column is the actual coupon code.

Discount: Here it is shown the amount of the discount.

Date Start: This is the starting date of the coupon code

Date End: This is the ending date of the coupon code validity.

Status: The status of the coupon.

Date Added: This is the date and time when the coupon was added.