Mail Template

In this tab you can customize the template for the emails that AbandonedCarts module is going to send to customers. You can also create several templates for convenience.


In order to create a template you need to click on Add New Template. The new template will be called Template 1 by default.

After you create a template, a list of customization options will appear.

Here is what each of the customizing options mean:

Template 1 status: This option enables or disables the selected template configurations

Template 1 name: This option changes the name of the template that will show up in the template list

Message delay: Here you can set after how many days the notification email will be sent.

NoteIf you set the delay to 0, the email will be sent immediately after you run the CRON job and if the conditions are met.

Type of discount: With this option you get to choose which type of discount you want the email to contain. You have three options:

  • No discount: There will be no discount.

Note 1If you choose this option, you will have to remove the following codes from the mail template: {discount_code}, {discount_value}, {total_amount} and {date_end}.

Note 2If you choose this option, the input fields Discount, Total Amount, Discount validity and Apply the discount for will not be available.

  • Fixed amount: Choosing this option will enable you to set a fixed amount with which the customer will be discounted when receiving the email.

  • Percentage: Choosing this option will enable you to set a percentage discount with which the customer will be discounted when receiving the email.

Discount: Here you can set the discount percent or value.

Total amount: With this option you can specify the minimum amount the customer has to spend in order to use the coupon code.

Discount validity: Here you can specify how many days the discount code will be active for after sending the reminder.

Apply the discount for: Here you can choose the products that the discount will applied to. You have two options:

  • All products in the store: The discount will be valid for all the products in the store.

  • Products in the cart: The discount will be valid only for those products that were in the abandoned cart.

Product image dimensions: With this option you can specify the width and height of the product image that will appear in the email.

Message to the customer: Here you can use the text editor to customize the message template.

NoteYou can use shortcodes in order to generalize the message template:

With the help of shortcodes you can save a lot of time writing emails. You can say, for example Hello {fisrtname} {lastname} which means that every customer will receive a personalized greeting with their own name in it. There is no need to write personalized emails to each one of your customers.


Additional options: Here you can find additional options for the emails. You can choose to delete the record of the abandoned cart after the email has been sent.