Abandoned Carts


In this tab you can see a list of all the abandoned carts. On the top of the page you are offered three different views of the Abandoned Carts list:

  1. Default (not notified) - Here you will see all the abandoned cart entries, that have not been notified yet.
  2. Already notified (at least once) - Now you will be able to see all the abandoned cart entries, that have been notified at least once.
  3. Ordered - This view shows only Abandoned Cart entries such that the customer has been notified and has ordered the product after the notification.

Each Abandoned Cart entry looks like this:


ID - This is the unique ID number of each abandoned cart.

Customer Info - This is information about the customer such as Name, Email Address, Phone number etc.

NoteIf the customer has not been logged in while abandoning the cart, you will see "(not provided)" in their Customer Info column.

Shopping Cart - This column shows the products that were in the cart when the customer abandoned it.

Date & Time - Information about the date and time spent by the customer in your web store.

IP - The IP Address of the customer.

When you click on "Check IP" button you will be redirected to http://www.checkip.com/ and provided with information about the customer's IP Address.


Status & Actions - Here you can see if the customer has been notified and if he/she has ordered. Also, you can send a reminder or delete the entry.

NoteYou will not be able to send a reminder if the abandoned cart belongs to a guest customer who has not provided their email address.

At the bottom of the page there are two buttons:


Remove all empty record - Removes all the records which do not have emails. Remove all - Removes all the records from the list.